Igniting Intimacy

iStock_000007385125_LargeGoogle “loneliness” and you’ll find a plethora of books and articles on recent research that demonstrates how devastated we are by it. I looked because I heard so many people complain about it, even when in the midst of family and friends. As a matter of fact, being married was a greater indicator of loneliness than cohabiting, according to one survey.

In addition to this, how many times have I heard a woman complain about her husband wanting sex? Well, guess what: 57%  of women say they provide sex out of obligation. And what about men? 39% of them say they do!

These are not happy statistics. My response is that people just don’t know how to touch each other, really be present and use “listening” touch. So I’ll teach them!

That’s why I developed a workshop I call “Igniting Intimacy: Aware Touch for Couples.” It’s not for couples only, but for any pairs of people who want to learn how to get grounded and present, keep themselves as they relate to another, and deepen their closeness and love. Please watch my first-ever video  to learn about it.

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