The Healing Journal

In the past months, I’ve been teaching many Writing to Heal and/or Visual Journaling classes. I am endlessly amazed at the efficacy of the exercises. They seem so simple, and yet they’re so powerful that real shifts happen in perspective, mood, relationships, and life choices. Here’s what some of my students say:

I didn’t know I could feel so safe. I get support to be myself no matter what.

This class helped me resolve my issue with a friend, and I didn’t even have to get her involved! I could feel the internal change in me.

I’m so glad to know what I can do to help myself when I’m confused or in despair. The structured exercises help me not get overwhelmed and actually come up with answers.

When I call this class “Writing to Heal,” I always ask, “Heal from what?” I’m writing a book on the answer, but the short version is, heal from all the problems that arise from the separation of mind and body. These can be physical illnesses or feeling stuck in some emotional state or not knowing how to move forward in some arena of your life.

Add exercises that allow you to see your body’s messages through visual art, interact with the images in writing, and you get a powerful resource of wisdom that was previously hidden from your conscious mind. You engage your own wise self to get you unstuck.

The other thing I love about these classes is the sense of bonding and community that develops. We create a safe space for people to be who they are, tell the truth, and support each other. Often, students just don’t want the classes to end.

So, I’m offering a six-week class coming up soon. Here’s the link to the flier:  WritingtoHealFLierApril-May2018PDF

The class starts on Monday, April 9 and runs for six weeks. We meet from 1-3 pm. The cost is $145, with a 20% discount for repeat students.

Please email me immediately at if you want to register. Class size is limited, so please act now.

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