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Rosen Method Bodywork

Rosen Method benefits people who:

  • seek to improve the way they deal with chronic pain, fatigue and stress
  • are engaged in psychotherapy
  • are in recovery from sexual and physical abuse, eating disorders and addictions
  • need healing from physical traumas (accidents, illness, surgery)
  • perform with their bodies, such as musicians, athletes, dancers, public speakers
  • are making major decisions or life changes
  • want to embody their spirituality

Rosen Method Bodywork offers the conditions that allow you to reintegrate body, mind and soul. The co-ordinated use of touch, words and attention to the diaphragm support your nervous system to “rewire,” getting out of its old ruts and creating new pathways to the present moment.

As a client, you will be touched in a non-manipulative way that “listens” to your body, helping you realize where, how and why your muscles are unconsciously staying tense. During the session, we'll talk about your embodied experience, not just what's in your head. The two will be connected, so that you don't just tell the same “stories” over and over without making progress.

When you speak the truth (meaning, lived experience you previously held back from knowing), your body relaxes and your breathing is easier. This is how your body guides the session. A  freer diaphragm not only has many health benefits for your heart and digestion, but reduces anxiety and depression. It also opens the gateway to your deeper self. Marion Rosen, the founder of this work, calls the diaphragm the “spiritual muscle.” 

When there is trust and acceptance, the diaphragm muscle releases. When [it] lets go, there is surrender, and peace, and a connection to something larger than the self. This is where healing takes place.

The results can include that you feel pain relief, both physically and emotionally. Your body is more flexible, and so is your thinking. You are better able to make choices in your life that align with your best interests and deeper values. As Marion Rosen said, “This work is about transformation, from who you think you are to who you really are.”

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What People Say About Rosen Method Bodywork

“I've never learned so much about myself.”

“When I released my feelings about my accident, the physical pain went away!”

“I tried for four years to decide whether or not to leave my marriage. After one session with you, I know what to do. (new client after her first session.)”

“I was always told resistance was bad. It's such a relief to listen to it. Thank you for hearing and respecting my defenses. I forget that it was life and death.” (a survivor of abuse and  violence)

“My life isn't about the past any more.” (a sexual abuse survivor)

“Is that ME? (client looking in mirror after several sessions, noticing the collapse in her chest—depression—is gone).  I want to give you all my money!

“This surgery went so much better than the last two. I went in confident instead of scared, feeling surrounded by love.” (client after three sessions to prepare for surgery)

“You're the first person who's ever ‘gotten it,and I've tried many times.

“The war is over.”