Igniting Intimacy: Aware Touch for Couples

Many people feel lonely, even if they have friends, are married, or belong to some sort of community. Women and men alike express frustration about the intimacy in their relationship. Many people don’t know how to stay present to themselves when they pay attention to another. And they don’t know that true closeness includes more than just talking.

Aware Touch for Couples is an experiential workshop is for pairs who want to connect more deeply using touch as a means of communication. You are welcome to come with a friend, relative, spouse, partner – anyone with whom you want genuine connection. With simple touching exercises (like hands-on-shoulders), we practice a kind of touch which is receptive, sensitive and without an agenda other than contacting the person being touched.

Many of us have never experienced this kind of listening touch,  either as a giver or receiver. It's a way of communicating deeply without words. Sometimes people say, “I feel as if you're touching my soul.” Those who touch each other this way grow in intimacy and actually help each other's bodies restore balance and well-being.

You will learn more than concepts; you will experience the difference between living in your mind and living in your body. Our experiential exercises build both self-awareness and presence to another, paving the way to real closeness.

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Participants have said:

“Oh, I didn't know I could keep myself and be with her at the same time!”

“I can tell when he's really there in his hands and when he's not.”

“My hands are directly connected to my heart. I've never known I could love and be loved like this.”

"This feels sacred.”

“I would not be married today if I hadn’t learned this.”