Writing IS Healing

My current Writing to Heal class is an amazing group of people with different backgrounds and histories. And it shows me once again that the ordinary people you meet in your life, who are going about working, raising families, retiring, etc. are heroes. They have faced unimaginable sorrows and traumas, yet they persevere to show up, to be real with each other, and to find a way to move forward.

As one so eloquently read to us from her writing, her choice is to give up and die or to WRITE. The rest of us believe that if her writing were to get published, she could save someone else’s life!

Writing is something you can do with your life story and the feelings and behaviors it causes. You have somewhere to put the raw emotions; you have a context that puts pieces of the puzzle together; you can discover wisdom, talents and directions in yourself that you didn’t know you had.

That’s why I love teaching these classes. That’s why I’ve made a new commitment to writing a book on how writing heals. (It helps that an agent asked for a book proposal!)

I’m forming a new eight-week class in the fall. This one will include not only journaling, narrative and poetry techniques, but visual art as well. No, you don’t have to be an artist. Here’s the basic information:

Location: 61 Hunters Run, Pittsford, NY 14534
Dates: Eight Monday evenings, start 10/15/18, skip 11/19 &12/3, end 12/17/18
Tuition: $197. Early bird registration by September 10: $177
Tuition for repeat students: $160

The body doesn’t speak English; it speaks imagery and sensation. In order to have awareness, we need to put words to these messages from the body. I’ve seen in my students and in myself how letting images speak to you can shift stuck places. For as many years as I’ve taught this, it still amazes me.

My class sizes are limited, so if you want to be part of this, please register early. I am looking forward to another group getting to bond and form community.



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