Writing to Heal

640 Kreag Road, Suite 202, Pittsford, NY

Anais Salibian is offering a training for coaches and counselors that will provide them with a powerful toolkit of writing prompts based on her Twelve Principles of Writing to Heal.

640 Kreag Road, Suite 202, Pittsford, NY


Writing is a powerful healing tool if it's used the right way. Based on Anais Salibian's Twelve Principles of Writing to Heal, this workshop will teach you how to create a safe container for various writing topics and purposes. You will learn what is helpful and what is not, and how to approach issues so that you can process them without getting overwhelmed.

We will practice responding to prompts in narrative writing, journaling and poetry. The three genres will be integrated to help deepen and absorb the experience. Expect insights and changes in your perspective as well as physical health benefits. No writing experience is necessary, but even dedicated journalers have found that this workshop gives them tools they never had before.

Be safe. Did deep. Trust yourself. You are your own authority.

Additional dates available-Sept 24th-25th

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