Introductory Lecture/Demonstration

640 Kreag Road, Suite 202, Pittsford, NY

From 7pm until 9:30pm

640 Kreag Road, Suite 202, Pittsford, NY

  • Are you tired of being in pain even after your doctors/therapists have done all they could?
  • Do you suspect that your emotional and physical pain are related?
  • Are you searching for a complementary approach to healing based on scientific understanding of the mind/body connection?
  • Do you yearn for a deeper connection to yourself, to others, to something larger?
  • Do you wish your external life matched your inner self more fully?
  • You know “the answer is within,” but how do you find it?

Welcome to a free evening of discovery and learning through discussion, experiential exercises and a demonstration. We’ll cover the history of Rosen Method Bodywork and is three cornerstones: listening touch, body-based words and attention to breath. An integrated use of these three elements is what allows for healing emotional and physical pain. It’s also the pathway to grounding in your deepest self for greater empowerment.

An attendee who has never received a session before will have the opportunity to volunteer to be the subject of a demonstration. They and the whole group receive the benefits of being who you really are rather than who you think you are.

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