Igniting Intimacy: Aware Touch for Couples


Aware Touch for Couples is an experiential workshop for pairs who want to connect more deeply using touch as a means of communication. You are welcome to come with a friend, relative, spouse, partner – anyone with whom you want genuine connection. With simple touching exercises (like hands-on-shoulders), we practice a kind of touch which is receptive, sensitive and without an agenda other than contacting the person being touched.

$997 per pair

Are you in a committed relationship and still feeling frustrated and lonely about the level of intimacy in your life? Are you surrounded by colleagues, friends, and family but still feel lonely inside? Are you searching for deep, satisfying connections—to yourself, to others, to spirit?

This program teaches both your mind and your body how to be fully present and deeply connected.

  • You will learn how to stay grounded in yourself as you approach and relate to another.
  • You will dialog using words that enhance understanding and closeness.
  • You’ll practice three “listening touch” techniques proven in research studies to increase “the love hormone” (oxytocin), lower blood pressure, and promote connection and well-being. This kind of touch leads both people to:
    • get more grounded and present
    • accept themselves without judgment
    • increase empathy
    • open their hearts.
  • You’ll discover how to make a soul-to-soul connection through awareness of the diaphragm.
  • You will have in your hands the steps to igniting intimacy.

Register with a spouse, a partner, a relative or a friend.

The workshop is Friday,  9am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday,  9am-5pm

Additional dates this is offered: July 9th-11th 

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