Healing begins with awareness.

Your body/mind is a miracle of self-repair, if only you give it what it needs. 

Beyond exercise, good nutrition, rest, and medical/therapeutic care, there’s one thing you need to achieve health and happiness: awareness.

 Awareness heals. It can reduce pain, balance emotions, rewire the brain and reshape the body.

 Often it heals when other treatments have not, because they have failed to integrate mind and body, thoughts and feelings, the physical level of being with the spiritual. Awareness is crucial to physical and emotional health.

You can feel safe, comfortable and whole.

People who come to me tried other methods to ease their emotional or physical pain and, whether it worked or not, they still felt like something was missing. They weren’t experiencing life as their whole self. Here are just a few examples:

 Let me help you choose your own path to wellness with a free consultation.

Featured Services

forest pathRosen Method Bodywork

During hour-long, one-on-one sessions or workshops and trainings, you will experience a combination of touch and talk that helps you let go of chronic tensions and negative behaviors. By creating connections between what you think and what you feel, you can achieve lasting relief, physically and emotionally. You’ll experience life as less stressful and more meaningful.

Hand-holdingAware Touch for Couples

Many people feel lonely, even if they have friends, are married, or belong to some sort of community. Many people don’t know how to stay present to themselves when they pay attention to another. Aware Touch for Couples is an experiential workshop is for pairs who want to connect more deeply using touch as a means of communication.

writing in a journalHealing Through Writing

In these classes you will experience how certain types of writing can have a significant mental and physical healing effect. Journaling and storytelling can literally change the way your brain processes memories and even traumas; writing has been scientifically proven to be able to boost the immune system and reduce pain. You’ll learn a series of writing tools that you can use for the rest of your life to enhance your health and well-being.